Prof. Tushabe Busingye Florence
Prof. Tushabe Busingye FlorenceDirector Research, Innovation & Business Development
Prof. Tushabe is a Professor of Computer Science and previously served as a Head of Department of Computer Science at Makerere University, and Vice Chancellor of Kampala International University (Dar es Salaam Campus).

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The Directorate oversees and provides strategic leadership in research development,  innovation, start-ups management and acceleration, business incubation and business development.

Its roles include:
  1. To coordinate the implementation of all research, innovation and business development
  2. To provide identify and support business start-ups
  3. To coordinate and management the business start-ups acceleration programme
  4. To coordinate the application and disseminator of research development innovation inputs, evolution and dissemination of innovation efforts
  5. To be responsible for management of the research and innovation funds, and programs for research promotion and development. 
  6. To report on implementation of programmes on research development and innovation, business incubation and business development
  7. To provide strategic guidance in intellectual property management, research infrastructure and coordination of research development and innovation
  8. To identify and prioritize new emerging areas of research and innovation
Under this directorate are four departments: 
  1. Department of Research and Development 
  2. Department of Innovation and Intellectual Property Management 
  3. Department of Business Incubation and Startups
  4. Department of Business Development