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UTAMURIC startup and innovation ecosystem has access to great
ideas, access to talent, access to capital, & access to customers

Africa Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Challenge 2021 Comes to Uganda

UTAMU Research and Innovation City (UTAMURIC) is an umbrella Research and Innovation non-profit organisation that promotes research, innovation, business incubation and startups in Africa.  Its head office is at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU).  UTAMU campus in Kkungu, Matugga, Kyaddondo, Wakiso District, which is 21 km from Kampala City Centre provided 20.43 acres of land for research, innovation, business development, business incubation and business startup activities in the region.  UTAMURIC shall  be the largest private research and innovation ecosystem player in Sub-Saharan Africa as per its rolling strategic plan for 2020-2030.

UTAMURIC provides an entrepreneurship ecosystem comprising a startup ecosystem and an innovation ecosystem. It comprises of players that support each other from idea generation through the entire value chain to business sustainability. The UTAMRIC entrepreneurial ecosystem model focuses on different players in the entrepreneurship space such as  potential or existing entrepreneurs, organizations that support entrepreneurship, venture capitalists, business angels and banks, as well as institutions like universities, and public sector agencies. There is no doubt that with such an ecosystem, start-up firms within and those linked to it will have a greater chance of success. It is well known fact that businesses located within places serving as incubators for creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship have a greater chance of success.

"UTAMURIC startup and innovation ecosystem has access to great ideas, access to talent, access to capital, and access to customers."

UTAMURIC continues to register and update its database of PartnersMentors, Researchers, Innovators, Software Developers, Certified Professionals, Business Incubators, and Business Startups.  If you or your organisation falls under any of the above categories register now to commence a long term relationship with UTAMURIC.